The Importance of good Used Cell Phone Descriptions

Finding a great deal is one thing, but there is a need for caution when considering buying a used iPhone from a seller who has not yet acquired a good feedback rating. This applies to many sources online where people are selling their used iPhones for various reasons. Even when the phone has a great description and pictures too, you still should consider the lack of history which the seller has. As we all know, you have to start somewhere though, and even the sellers with the absolute best feedback ratings had to start somewhere. The quality of the descriptions and the pictures can be a good substitute indicator for how much quality the seller actually may bring to the table as an individual. People who have put forth the time to take really good quality pictures of the used cell phones which they are selling will often be more upfront, complete and honest in their descriptions of the item as well.

An item description should take into account any perceived flaws in a cosmetic as well as an operational observation. If a used cell phone is in perfect condition then it means that it has a very minimal amount of slight surface scratches (if any since mint does mean perfect). The plastics which cell phones are constructed from really are susceptible to showing signs of wear, especially over time and under heavy usage. But there are some used cell phones which actually are indeed in mint condition. These are those wonderful surprises which have simply not been used very much by the previous owner. Remember that when you are bargain hunting that these can be for sale by sellers with little to no feedback ratings yet.

This is where most of us consider going for it so to speak when the description is very informative and addresses the look of the phone as well as the working condition of it. There are no indications that the seller is trying to hide something or gloss over some imperfection. Also, the pictures are good quality (they do not have to be prize winners, but you know what we mean). Some good pics should show any wear marks on the cell phone as well. Ultimately there should be no surprises!

So when you compare used iPhones and the best one is by a seller with minimal feedback, you can consider these points. You may do well and wind up with a great used iPhone 3GS super cheap which would have otherwise cost you dearly. Saving cash is great yet sometimes you just have to take a chance when looking for the really big bargains based upon the descriptions available.


Your Used iPhone and Early Termination Fees

There will likely be quite a rush of iPhone users who begin pre-ordering the new Verizon iPhone early next month (February 2011). The prospect of this are enticing to those looking to get their first iPhone, yet what about the current AT&T customers who want to make the big switch to Verizon?

This is a good example of how we all must weight the pros and cons of signing a lengthy contract with wireless providers these days. The real problem in this case is the fact that the AT&T iPhone customers will have to deal with an early termination fee (quite a substantial one at that), if they want to make the move to the Verizon package.

There were substantial increases to the early termination fees last summer so this is not an expense that can just be ignored for many consumers today. In addition to the termination fee, you will have to actually purchase a new phone as well. So what can you do with your used cell phone?

If you have a used iPhone in great condition and you do plan to switch to Verizon then your best bet for recouping as much of your expenses would be to sell the used iPhone. We recommend only well established and trusted sources in order to help reduce any time consuming or bad experiences. A used iPhone can command a respectable price right now so take a look at the current listings of used iPhones to get a better idea of what phones in similar condition to yours are selling for. It is never easy to have to bring yourself to paying an early termination fee. Many people consider this to be one of the primary reasons to use an unlocked iPhone but this should be fully addressed (whenever possible) before you sign any contracts.