Used iPhones Share some Basic Similarities to Newer Ones

The ease of use is important when it comes to smartphones and with a 3.5 inch screen the iPhone is easy to see therefore it is easier to use right? This seems like simple logic considering how small some other display screens are on other phones. Compare this to some of the smaller mobile phones made over the years and it becomes clear that the iPhone is often much wider than these other popular phones. This particular design has been included in the previous generations of iPhones including the 3GS models. Even the original iPhone had a 3.5 inch screen. While the iPhone 4 has been quickly taking up market share recently, the used iPhones like the 3GS are still packed with many of the same specifications. This goes beyond mere screen size and includes the fact that the display is a widescreen with 480 x 320 resolution. This is very impressive for a smartphone still these days and provides a very life like representation of the images as well.

Ultimately it is the features that have to do with battery life that will be important when you travel. If you happen to compare the used iPhones to the new iPhone 4 then you will notice that they also share similar charge times. We typically expect to get around five hours on the 3GS which is not bad considering that this technology is not the newest. The comparisons do however prove that used cell phones are often quite similar to the models which replaced them.

Talk time on a mobile phone is important but so is the amount of time that the phone will allow you to spend on the Internet. Typically the used iPhone 3GS will provide around eight or nine hours of time if you are connecting over WiFi. We have also found that this is going to be reduced significantly though if you are using a 3GS network. There are far more similarities than these but these are the ones which made us consider some of the differences. Over all the similarities of the used iPhones and the newer ones are indications that while technology does advance quickly, it usually does so in small incremental improvements like most other digital devices.


The iPhone LCD Glass keeps things Brilliant when Viewing Graphics

There is no shortage of updated features found on smartphones, and this has been the trend for some time now. Most of the makers of smartphones have tried to keep current nearly as frequently as their competitors. Who seems to have gotten the most attention though? Apple and the iPhone 4 would be the answer to that question.

While there are many new features found on the iPhone that have merely been improvements over the used iPhone 3G or 3GS for example, it is good to see that the great features of this phone can actually be improved upon. The iPhone LCD is essentially what most users see when they are using the phone to play games or surf the Internet, so the quality of the LCD must be superior. The fact is that this is a high quality LCD and anyone who has used the iPhone in the past should certainly find that the quality has indeed remained in the latest iPhone 4 generation. This is definitely good to know that some things stay just as you would have found them before.

Of course playing games on the device is just one popular activity, and the speed has definitely been improved upon here. The actual quality of the processor has been the subject of many debates in the world of mobile phones. The competition is definitely quick to counter any new release, yet would you trust other phones? Well, most consumers have no problem doing this, and actually many people prefer other smartphones over Apple’s iPhone. Yet the competition still has their work cut out for them.

The actual technology found within the design of a smartphone is beyond the scope, or interest level, of many consumers today. People just want decent quality for what the get. The iPhone can present such a high quality display in part due to the iPhone glass and the power of the graphics design. The competition may have their own designs, and the quality of the glass may be exceptional as well. However, it appears that for now anyway, the iPhone is the primary choice for those who appreciate the quality of a great display on a smartphone toady.

The improvements which we are bound to see in the future are probably beyond what we could even imagine right now. This is merely one of the perks to keeping up with the technology news. This gives us a chance to have at least a bit of a heads up on what is to come.