GSM Quad Band Cell Phone

From a performance stand point the GSM quad band cell phone will provide varying degrees of quality based on normal variables which are applicable in testing any communications product. As far as call quality we found that most provide a strong level of performance offering very clear conversation in both local and long distance situations.

One point which is obviously a fundamental requirement of mobile phone users is that the conversation provides clarity with minimal amounts of interference or static from their cell phones and network service providers.

Voices should sound natural just as they would if you were standing right in front of the person whom you are talking with and the volume should not be too quiet or muddy. Be sure to watch out for services which seem to create an echo effect while using your mobile phone in certain environments or locations including both local and long distance calls. With a cell phone unlocked quad model you may not have to deal with a carrier who cannot supply the quality you require.

One way to test not only the service but the phone as well is to simply call people you know and make sure that they let you know that you sound great. Usually it does not take too long to get a feel for both the phone and the service. After a while you will know if there are any issues with the phone picking up any background noise or having any other on going issues such as echoes or static.

Other points you may want to think about are how a particular cell phone quad model may be rated as far as the speakerphone capabilities go. Once again if there are issues such as too low of a volume or with the phone picking up too much of the background noise you will be glad that you have an unlocked cell phone giving you the ability to determine whether it is the phone or the service causing any issues and then simply change if necessary.

When it comes to talk time you may find that up to 7 hours is really good and this is true of some of the GSM quad band cell phone models. For example we found that with the Sony Ericsson W705 HSPA and WiFi enabled phone you could increase the time based on what most would consider normal usage.

With basically typical battery performance this may mean that you are not on the phone constantly and whether you are on GSM or 3G which will be considerably less. Common usages are gauged on mean average statistics and talk times.

With heavy usage of WiFi including downloads keep in mind that the charge of the battery will not last quite as long. Obviously times will be reduced with heavier usage yet this is true of any product which runs on a battery charge.

With the versatility of GSM quad band cell phone frequencies being GSM 850/900/1800/1900 for example and the additional WCDMA (UMTS) the world phones seem to make the most sense for many consumers.

It is becoming much more commonplace for the GSM quad band cell phone models to offer the ability to support 3G as well as 3.5G HSDPA providing additional speed on certain networks such as AT&T for example. Of course you should always look into the specific frequencies supported by various carriers and how they will relate to the compatibility of various cell phone quad models.