Donate Used Cell Phones

Donate Used Cell Phones

We all know how useful cell phones are and we rely upon them heavily in our everyday lives. The actual volume of used cell phones which are replaced or thrown away each year is staggering and by some studies the numbers surpass 100 million. Notably mobile phone recycling is one method of dealing with this fact in a positive way. This can consist of many avenues for consumers to utilize today and one such example is to donate cell phones which are no longer needed.

The fact is that there are countless charities, local groups, non-profit organizations, schools and other opportunities within most local communities these days who are happy to take the donated cell phones for the causes which they support. Causes will vary in different areas so researching the specifics of each of the local, regional or national charitable organizations is recommended.

Good Causes

Thumbs Up For Cell Phone Donations!

One of the most well known charitable initiatives operating today includes the highly successful 911 Cell Phone Bank which focuses on keeping the environmental impact of old used cell phones to a minimum. Ultimately the reuse of used cell phones, used iPhones, used PDAs and other smartphones and devices is the ultimate method of recycling. Unfortunately many used mobile phones simply wind up being thrown in a drawer, closet or even worse - plain old thrown away. Ultimately the used phones can be used to source the need of communities to provide emergency 911 cell phones to those in need. Many people as well as businesses find that the fact that they can receive non-profit organization receipts for their cell phone donations can be quite beneficial.

Another easy option for donating used cell phones is to consider giving to the charitable organization of your choice. It can be easy to find a donation box or donation center in your area. Visit the ReCelluar search to search over 40,000 registered locations by zip code and by charity. Wireless and mobile phone retailers can usually provide you with a pre-paid donation envelope used to donate cell phones too. The global network which ReCellular has developed is dedicated to charitable causes as well as the most responsible solutions for the proper disposal and recycling of used cell phones. There are more options available if you are a business or have used cell phones in bulk.

Good Causes to Donate Used Cell Phones

You may have heard of Cell Phones for Soldiers which is an organization where as people donate used cell phones they are sent to ReCellular and the funds generated by this are then used to provide pre-paid calling cards for US soldiers overseas. Learn more information about the Cell Phones for Soldiers program and the inspiring history behind it here.

While there is certainly no shortage of used cell phones and other handset devices such as used iPhones today, there is also no shortage of responsible, ethical and helpful manners in which to dispose of them when they have served their purpose for the current owner of the device. Check your local area for what qualifies as a charitable organization to find out if they take used cell phones in for donation or recycling purposes, it will definitely make you feel good about yourself and the contribution you make will certainly be much appreciated.