Data Used in iPhone Location Tracking

When consumers use smartphones and other devices which have features which allow them to track locations near them at any time for example, it only makes sense that some people could view this as a privacy issue. The recent news about the Apple iPhone and how it can actually track where the iPhone user has been happens to be just one example of this. Is this really a cause for concern if you use an iPhone? Some people believe that this is just part of what goes along with any device capable of tracking people, places and the locations were the user has been. In other words this is part of the technology itself and not some new form of gathering personal information about the smartphone users themselves.

There are however plenty of people who do find this to be some kind of a threat to their privacy. Initially this particular instance began in late April of 2011 when researchers set about to publish information concerning new and used iPhones and iOS 4 as well as 3G iPads and how they go about creating time stamps as well as location information. The process reportedly involves storing this particular data in unprotected files that are stored on the devices. With more information found here concerning the initial release of this particular news story.

However is this not merely part of the natural process of how new technologies work? One common response is that at least the file should not sit on a used iPhone in an insecure means. Why not just encrypt this information and let the tracking technologies do their thing? It is questions like this which will need to be addressed as the subject is pursued in the near future.

Also, the information that is stored inside of the used iPhones does not necessarily have to contain personal information and data in order for the location specific applications to work. We all know how handy it is to use your iPhone to locate businesses and such within the area you are in at any time. Some adjustments to this however are likely in future updates to the operating system.

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