Competing iPhone Ads between Verizon and ATT

There is no big surprise among iPhone users at the initial success of the new Verizon iPhone launch this week. The speculation regarding not only the success of this event for Verizon, but for the newly entered competition it brings to AT&T as well has been well documented. The reports of the initial sales are extremely favorable in the Verizon’s corner and the competition between the two companies is already heating up.

The idea that there are more choices now is certainly great news for the public, and we have mentioned some of the options for those who need to get rid of their used iPhones and what options (and realities) that they need to deal with. The challenge might start there for some long time AT&T users but what about the prices and even the comparisons among Verizon and AT&T now for those who want to get an iPhone now?

If you pay any attention at all to some of the commercials regarding this, then you may be taking away the impression that AT&T has some very valid points to address as far as the functionality comparisons such as using the iPhone to talk and surf the Internet simultaneously. No matter what product you are researching to buy, you will find that the variance will range from small to quite significant and ultimately it will all boil down to what you need in your own situation. Note also that Verizon has recently released advertising which fires back at AT&T with regards to the perception of overall network quality.

This is no doubt that this is only the beginning of a long strange trip between the two companies and the iPhone, and only time will tell who the first victor shall be. Remember, if you have old cell phones which you no longer need, check out the opportunities to provide something good for a worthwhile cause by donating your used cell phones. There are several great causes which make it really easy to donate one or more used cell phones at your convenience.

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