3-D Phones and Technology make progress

Three-dimensional movies are a great success at this time. Actually 3-D movies have existed for decades but were not worldly recognized because it was too expensive, and the processes required to actually produce a 3-D movie, and the lack of standardized format which was not widely available or even practical. 3-D came alive in the 90s though and eventually was made more noticed starting in the year 2000.

The resurgence of 3-D movies allowed other entertainment industries to develop 3-D of their own. The television industry started to release 3-D TVs. Video games followed and made several 3-D games. 3-D movies, television, and games enhance the illusion of depth perceived. No wonder why more and more people get thrilled and excited every time they watch or play in 3-D. The latest news in technology devices is still about 3-D today. After movies, televisions, and video games, what is left that has not gone to 3-D? Sharp Electronics is said to debut a pair of handsets that render 3-D images. Unlike 3-D movies, televisions, and games, Sharp’s 3-D phone screen does not require glasses. The pair of phones is reported to be released late this year, probably in December, and early next year in February.

The phones won’t go worldwide on sale yet as they will first be sold in Japan only. The first phone features a touchscreen while the other one will feature a slide-out keyboard. Each phone has a 3.8-inch display screen. The first phone has a 9.6 megapixel camera. The second has an 8-megapixel camera. Cool and thrilling effects we see only in movies, televisions, and video games will now be seen in our mobile phones in 3-D soon. Although this 3-D phone is not practical for now but at some time it will serve a very good purpose especially now that smartphones are gradually acting as entertainment devices. Few years from now, all smartphones will be displaying images in 3-D.

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