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It is estimated that there are tens of millions of used cell phones laying around people's homes today. There are several useful ways to address the question of what to do with them.

Initially the question is whether to sell your old cell phones for whatever cash you can get, help others out by donating to a good cause or recycling the phones. Depending on the actual condition the phones are in you will have several choices.

Used iPhones For Sale

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People who choose to sell their quality condition used cell phones in the open market provide a source to help people get the phone they want while at the same time conserving their cash. If you have found the iPhone or other high end smartphones to be cost prohibitive, you can find used iPhones for sale which sell at significant savings.

What to do with Used Cell Phones

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There are much better things to do with your used cell phones than letting them sit in a drawer, box or closet. There are people who have a genuine need for good quality used cell phones today. Donating your working cell phones, used iPhones, smartphones and other wireless mobile devices can provide outstanding benefits to your community. The phones can be supplied to those who need them as well as a source for helping other worthwhile charitable causes.

It has never been easier to recycle your old cell phones than it is today. There are many organizations which will provide you with shipping labels, bags, and receipts for you old cell phones, used iPhones, smartphones or other PDA devices.

Tips and Considerations

Whether you decide to sell, donate or recycle your old cell phone here are some tips to adhere to in order to help avoid any unforeseen issues during the process.

  • Make sure you have removed and cleared any personal information from the phone
  • Be sure that you deactivate your old phone and that it is no longer connected to your service provider
  • If you need a receipt be sure to find out whether the charitable organization is a non-profit and how you can obtain the appropriate receipt for your own needs
  • If you are able to collect and donate old cell phones in bulk you may be eligible for additional incentives

There are notable options if you are looking to buy used cell phones today as well. The high volume of used cell phones found in one of the largest resale markets in the world increases the chances for you to find the best value in an affordable high quality mobile device.

World Responsibility

At we strive to provide our visitors with useful information regarding the high volume of used cell phones, used iPhones and smartphones in existence today and how to best address the question of what you can do with yours.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the mobile device owner to properly dispose of their unwanted old phones. Whether you are looking for buying opportunities or you are looking to sell, donate or recycle, the good news is that worthwhile approaches to this have never been easier.